Review: Antigoddess

antigoddessAntigoddess by Kendare Blake
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of those books full of promise: great cover, curious title, appealing blurb, and well-known author. I have to admit that I’ve yet to read Anna though I’ve always wanted to but horror is a genre I rarely touched. Tales of Greek mythologies made alive in today’s setting was something that I couldn’t refuse, especially since I’ve just seen Percy Jackson & the Sea of Monster the other week.

The book is told from two perspectives; Cassandra’s and Athena’s. A young girl who has yet realised her potential, her role in what’s to come and a dying goddess who refused to just give up living. Behind it all is an unknown quantity of force which had killed some gods / goddesses and drove some mad. What will they give to keep their immortality? What will they do?

The alternate chapters were really quite separate and I was really partial to Athena’s chapters that I was really impatient for the time when the stories would converge. This book was all about the tension, the taut suspense of the mystery, the chase, the face-off, the battle. I love how the author brought these mythic gods & heroes to live and treading that fine line between mortal lives and immortality, youth and agelessness, humanity and divinities.

I’m just not quite sure about the ending though. I don’t know whether I liked it at all and I have lots of questions so for now, I’m only rating this read to be around average as I mostly loved one of the alternative perspectives.

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