Review: Dead Jealous

Dead Jealous
Dead Jealous by Sharon Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An impulse buy whilst travelling for work which turned out to be such a great read! Score! I am totally enjoying this thriller YA type of books with intermingling paranormal & romance bits in them [check my review on Banish]. Dead Jealous is an intriguing mystery which keeps you rooted in suspense from beginning to end.

The prologue was amazingly well done. It was captivating and I guarantee that it will poke your curious bone [if you have one]. It was somewhat on the creepy side and from a unique perspective; that is the novel is written from perspectives of Poppy and Michael except for the prologue. I started reading early in the morning on the commute to work and needless to say, I woke up pretty quickly. I then found that I loved the way Sharon Jones descriptive prose and got really into the book that I nearly missed my stop -on my first day in my new job too!

I love Poppy and her ‘dog with a bone’ attitude. She believed the dead girl she found was murdered and believed that she needed to do something about it. She stumbled around, ‘investigating’ this girl’s past in hopes to find the motive and therefore, the murderer. It feels real that she’s not a smooth sleuth and that she just sort of come across certain facts and / or things tumbled out of her mouth without her meaning to reveal herself. Unfortunately, that also puts her in the path of danger. She’s got more problems than just the murderer though – it seems there are ‘others’ too…

Poppy, it appears, has been bottling a lot of emotions inside her and it’s near overflowing. With this latest unfortunate find, she is ready to burst. I can empathise with Poppy as I do a lot of bottling up too and she’s just really strong to have held on so long. There seems to be a lot of near fainting though which sort off confused me –not sure whether it was the emotional or spiritual pressure or both. She is ‘a good soul’.

Michael and Tariq totally had me torn –I so liked them both! Michael, of course, is Poppy’s bestie and has been there for her practically forever whilst Tariq is a gorgeous (and HOT) older guy [he’s still younger than yours truly] who actually found Poppy attractive. The romance factor was really enjoyable without being too heavy –it’s there and added certain oomph to the whole story.

Dead Jealous kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat to the end. I really wasn’t going to fall for that red herring but the ending still surprises me. Don’t you just love it when a book surprises you? It was easy to read and I would highly recommend it to everyone. If you feel like you’re in a reading rut right now, give this book a go –I think the prologue will convince you, if I haven’t.

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