My reading week

So it’s been a slow couple of weeks – what’s with finishing up at work, starting a new one (tomorrow), and trying to pack for a house move (trying being the operative word).  It’ll be slow for at least another month as I settle into new job and new house (talk about the month of change!  I also took this as a sign to cut my hair and colour it -after going natural for the last 4 years).

IMG_20130803_124552 IMG_20130815_110014

Last Saturday (10th Aug) was National Bookshop Day and I had so much fun bookshop-crawling with some bookish mates from Read3r’z Re-Vu.  After half a day of walking, book-shopping, freebies-stalking (including a bookish cupcake!), I came home weighed down with a tonne of awesome treasure (which I shared with my son -to his delight).

loot  IMG_20130810_124616

Today was also the third Sunday that I’ve been to cross-training, thanks to hubz!  Today’s programme was 1.6 km run, 20 rounds of: 5 reps with kettlebells, 10 push-ups, 15 squats, and finishing up with 1.6km run with 35 mins’ time limit.  Erm, Un-Fit-Me managed to get up to just over 17 rounds.  I was shaky and am now (4 hours later) finding it hard to manage the stairs -not sure how I’m supposed to get around tomorrow!  Wish me luck, peepz.  Truthfully, this is me:


Have a FAB week 😀 xx

4 thoughts on “My reading week

    1. Tien Post author

      Thank you!

      It’s been pretty crazy with packing & starting a new job!

      Going from super long hair to super short hair is always scary! But if you get a really good haircut with a trusty hairdresser, it’s usually great result! 😀


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