Review: Combustion

combustionCombustion by Steve Worland

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Source: eCopy via Netgalley courtesy of Penguin Books Australian

After the action-packed Velocity (Worland’s debut), the beginning feels slow. Understandably so, however, as Combustion is set approximately a year after Velocity. The main characters’ current situations and the new set of baddies need to be set up prior to the action taking off. In Velocity, the terrorists are avenging personal injury whilst with Combustion, they are seeking to ‘save the world’ (albeit punishing it by destruction) from environmental threats. It was an interesting sci-fi / speculative twist to the method of punishment.

About 25% into the book though, BAM!

Explosions left, right, and centre –everywhere you turn your eyes

Buildings are collapsing

Cars, trucks, planes crashing, blowing up

“…looks like a war zone.”

I couldn’t stop reading and I couldn’t read fast enough! It was jam-packed with actions, friendship, and humour. I just loved the pairing of Judd Bell and Corey Purchase – a true friendship forged in fire again and again. They work well together in saving each other and the world. But most of all, their humorous interaction in-between the suspense was a great tool of relief (my tense shoulders are thankful for the short breaks).

[Corey] ‘Jesuschwepppes.’
[Judd] ‘You know it’s Jesus wept, right? As in, “boo hoo, I’m having a tear”, not Schweppes as in, “Thank you, Stephan, I’ll have another gin and tonic”.’
‘Are you sure?’
‘One hundred per cent.’
Corey’s not at all convinced.

There really wasn’t enough room for character growth amongst all the action but amazingly, there were! Of course, with life-changing experiences such as these will not leave anyone unchanged, especially in their appreciation of life and loved ones. Whilst at times, I had to suspend my disbelief that an astronaut and a helicopter pilot from woop woop (for the non-Aussies, woop woop is something like ‘middle of nowhere’) came to save the world twice over, I really had so so MUCH fun reading this. Not that I had a hard time doing that, there was too much excitement and things were happening so fast that I really didn’t want to spare time to ponder anything else but the words in front of me. If you’re after a fast, fun, suspenseful, gripping read, this is it!

I really enjoyed Velocity a lot that it was an easy decision to pick this one up and I enjoyed this one even more! I think I’m addicted. Steve Worland had just made it to my list of always-read-author.

Coincidentally, I really just had to get this out there:
1. Really, the release date should be 27th July NOT 24th (you’ll understand if you read the epilogue);
2. Just curious, why purple?
3. What’s with the iPhones?! :p

Thank you, Steve Worland, Penguin Books Australia & Netgalley for ecopy of book


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