Review: The French Promise

The French Promise by Fiona McIntosh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Source: My local library

Fiona McIntosh dedicated this novel to Bryce Courtenay, “who convinced me [Fiona] I was a storyteller and insister I write down those tales.” Thank you, Bryce Courtenay and to Fiona, for such an amazing story of courage and hope.

The story flows very smoothly and it took me on an emotional ride as I was swept along first by grief and heartbreak, a bleak horizon, to hope, happiness, a warm kitchen in a cold windy English weather, and back again. These emotions were woven through the story with such expertise that sometimes it took me by surprise that I’ve moved on from one emotion to another.

We were taken from the hopeless and desolate concentration camp during WWII for a treat to bright sunny Tasmania and glamorous Paris. The differences in each place visited in the novel was visibly aromatic and I felt that I made this trip with the characters.

Note: I have only just found out, at time of writing this review, that there is a novel which precedes this one, [b:The Lavender Keeper|13506058|The Lavender Keeper|Fiona McIntosh||19056756], so if you like to read in order, I’d suggest to read that one first

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