Review: Only in Spain: In Search of My Heart’s Desire

Only in Spain: In Search of My Heart’s Desire by Nellie Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nellie Bennet went straight from school into the workforce. At first, it was meant to be a summer job but a few years later, she’s deep within the grind: wake up, rush to work, be on feet all day, go home and crash. Hhhmm… that somehow sounds familiar… And then one day, *WHAM* all she could think & see around her is Spain and flamenco. She took a chance, enrolled in a flamenco class, and it is a life-changing experience for her.

What an amazing courage to let go all that is secure and familiar to go for your heart’s desire! It wasn’t just at the beginning when Nellie started flamenco class but numerous time and even right at the end when it was just a heart-breaking decision (that even I don’t understand but it’s not my heart / life, it’s hers and she would know best). Nevertheless, I love this book as it has given me an adventure – vicariously but an adventure nonetheless.

Nellie Bennet has definitely got her love for flamenco across. I love to dance (am not very good but I’d like to anyway) and reading this book makes me want to dance flamenco! I would also love to go to Spain and eat all those wondrous foods she’s mentioned. It was a little bit disappointing when she first got to Spain as I didn’t think we’d experience the exotic food since she’s a vegan. But… Only in Spain…

I am envious of all the ojos (beautiful Spanish men) she’s come across though not so envious of her gypsy encounter. It was totally hilarious, in retrospect, but I wouldn’t like to be in her shoes while she was going through it. There are always some weirdos around, no matter where you are, so girls, be wary!

It was a delightful read about a young woman in search of her heart’s desire and risking it all to find whatever it is to make the best of her life.

Thank you, Allen & Unwin and The Reading Room for providing copy for me to read & review

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