Review: Children of Liberty

Children of Liberty by Paullina Simons
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Source: ARC courtesy of HarperCollins Australia and The Reading Room

The Bronze Horseman has been on my to-read list for a while now so I am familiar with the name Paullina Simons but I’ve not read any of her works just yet. When offered an advanced copy of this book, I jumped at the chance, and was especially happy to find out that it was a prequel to The Bronze Horseman. It’d be great to have the background story and it may lit the fire to get me going to read The Broze Horseman. Was it successful? Not at all! In fact, it’s a miserable failure.

Spare me from stupendously idiotic selfish inconsiderate characters! Oh, this book made me so angry! If I wasn’t reading it for a challenge, I reckon it’d be a DNF. Finishing it probably made me angrier because the ending was totally not worth it.

I disliked Gina right from the very beginning. She knows what she wants and she’s a go-getter no matter the consequences. It’s admirable that she would work very hard to get it but her deceitful insidious ways completely turned me off. She had the potential to grow to a character I could admire but that’s not what happened.

To begin with, I actually really liked Ben and Harry. Harry also had the potential but instead both Gina and Harry were so selfish that in the end, they have destroyed all that is beautiful around them. That’s what really got me angry –utter inconsiderate fools! I am truly sorry that I could not for the life of me like these characters which in turn means that I did not enjoy the plot and I absolutely abhorred the ending.

It was an easy to read book (in terms of language used), some minor characters were likeable, the descriptions of setting were lovely and of course, loved the beautiful cover. I’ve kept The Bronze Horseman on my TBR as it appears to have different characters plus I’ve read reviews which stated that they hated this book but loved The Bronze Horseman. I’m just not in any hurry to read it… maybe when I’ve forgotten how angry I am at this book…

Thank you HarperCollins Australia & The Reading Room for the opportunity to read & review this book. Unfortunately, this one is not for me.

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