Holiday Greetings

Besides being busy at work, just making sure that I did as much work as I could so I can go on leave without leaving my colleague with my stuff to deal with, I have also been busy with organising 2 reading challenges.  One is my brain-child called Book-a-Fort which is being played in a group called Pick-a-Shelf in Goodreads.  And the other one is a collaborative effort called Read With Friends (as opposed to Word with Friends) being payed in a group called The Challenged Reader in Shelfari.  If you are either in GR or Shelfari, please do join us!  Since I’m moderating both games, it does preclude me from participating 😦

I am, however, looking forward to a number of reading challenges in 2013.  I was so good at limiting the number of reading challenges to take on this year that I found that I’m totally missing the rush!  So, I’ve allowed myself a little slack on my rein (who am I kidding! I’ve practically let myself go!) and have listed a number of challenges of which I can’t wait to get started!  Is it the 1st yet?!?!?  I’ll share a bit on this later on…

For our Christmas party this year, we’ve made some eggnogg of which we have never tried before so we didn’t really know whether it was in any way good or even right-tasting.  We did like it though.  So, here’s the recipe we’ve got from google and you can tell me whether it’s what you would’ve done or in what way can we improve it next year.

We also made some Gingerbread Men which went pretty quickly…


And now… I’m just feeling a bit sorry for myself… Was hoping to get quite a bit of reading & cleaning done but instead would have to put up with a red runny sore nose and a woolly head. Well, I hope you’re having a better one 😉


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