Review: White Ninja

White Ninja by Tiffiny Hall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not my usual cup of tea but I just couldn’t resist this time. It’s just not what I would normally read as its intended audience is a lot younger (10-13 yo) than I am and I don’t usually read books for this age groups. However, this book sounded like so much fun that my curiosity is aroused.

I loved the variety of characters from the popular gorgeous older sister, the tough evil bully and his cohorts, the overweight insecure BFF, to the mysterious good looking boy. Even the mother and her partner have such unique characteristics that I’m a little bit jealous since my family is relatively normal 😉

Whilst I myself am not into martial arts, hubby is, but I do love watching martial arts movies. There is something mystical about ninjas though and that is what really intriguing. Even though the fighting scenes confused me a little with all the roundhouse kickings and axe kicks and flying kicks and so on, I still found the whole book to be very entertaining.

I would fully recommend this book to the truly adventurous and also to the adventurous at heart (like me). I’m planning to gift this as a Christmas present for a niece of mine –can’t wait to hear her thoughts!

Thank you Harper Collins Australia and NetGalley for the privilege to view & read galley

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1 thought on “Review: White Ninja

  1. novareylin

    Isn’t it fun to feel like you’re just sitting back and relaxing with a good book? 😀 Love the review! This sounds fun, although not really my normal genre either.


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