Review: Dream Magic: Awakenings

Dream Magic: Awakenings
Dream Magic: Awakenings by Dawn Harshaw
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was approached by the author to review this book and as the blurb sounds interesting, I gladly accepted. The beginning was intriguing and attention grabbing, Eric was running away from his nightmare – it was really quite exciting.

What I like most is that at the beginning of the chapters, there is an excerpt or two from the Dreamer’s Handbook which usually explain the “meat” of the chapters. These excerpts are actually the highlights for me.

Each chapters feel like they could be short stories – whilst the main characters are the same, there is little to link these chapters together. The chapters (except for the first & last chapters) all concentrated on magic lessons. Therefore, I find this book to be very light in overall plot / storyline. It’s only right at the end that you’d realise the interconnecting bits and what they all mean.  It feels like a really long prequel to something… (I don’t actually know if it is)

Whilst the book is written from the point of view of a teenage boy, I’m actually confused about the target audience. The chapters / stories themselves at surface level are not too bad although I don’t find them to be engaging enough for teens these days. The overall theme of this novel, though, is really quite mature.

The novel is currently available for free download from the author’s website

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