Review: Spirit Hunger: Filling Our Deep Longing to Connect with God

Spirit Hunger: Filling Our Deep Longing to Connect with God
Spirit Hunger: Filling Our Deep Longing to Connect with God by Gari Meacham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Source: eARC courtesy of Zondervan (via NetGalley) – get your own copy from The Book Depository

And once more, a book I read at God’s timing right to my heart. I’ve been feeling a little bit stuck in the rut but right in the first chapter, my heart was moved… Yes, this is exactly it, this is the problem… a ‘Spirit Hunger’, an emptiness, a longing for something…

Gari Meacham took me on a journey to experience God, to trust in Him more and more in all things. She shared from her personal experience from the beginning of her journey with God when she first placed her trust in Him, in seeking Him throughout her life all the ups and downs, her struggles and victories in Christ. She didn’t appear to hold anything back and I really appreciated this as it opened her up as someone whom opinions I could trust.

The other thing I really appreciated in this book is how she continuously referred to the Scripture! It was noticeable that there were verses running throughout the book to support her points or give examples but rather than annoying, I found them to be tremendously helpful and built upon that trust that her faith and her thoughts are Scripture-based.

I needed this book to propel me forward – I finished reading the book on Saturday and was truly touched and longed for that engagement with God that the next morning (Sunday), I bawled my eyes out at church. The sermon of the day, of course, asks how passionate are we about God? If one could cry in the presence of a celeb, then what do you feel in the presence of the Glory of God?

Note: Just to quickly mention that there were significantly lack of capitalisation but as it was a galley, hopefully these will be amended prior to publication. These bits distracted me most!

Thank you Zondervan & NetGalley for the privilege to read & review

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