Blog Tour: The Beldam’s Eye – Guest Post + a Review

Welcome to today’s stop of The Beldam’s Eye where we’ll get to know Jennifer a little bit 🙂

On The Author

Jennifer Rainey was raised by wolves who later sold her to gypsies. She then joined the circus at the age of ten. There, she was the flower girl in the famed Bearded Bride of Beverly Hills show until the act was discontinued (it was discovered that the bearded lady was actually a man).  From there, she wandered around the country selling novelty trucker hats with vaguely amusing sayings printed on front. Somehow, she made enough money to go to The Ohio State University for a major in English.

So, let’s say I’m dead. I don’t know how I died. Maybe I was hit by a train or maybe I contracted the Bubonic plague or maybe I decided to take a shower when it was storming. Whatever the case, I’m dead as a doornail.

Not only am I dead, I’m a ghost. Now the most important thing to ask is: who or where would I haunt if I had the chance? Let’s see…

1. My boyfriend. I have a feeling he would get lonely if I suddenly up and disappeared. A nice haunting would keep us connected. I’d even skip the chain-rattling and door-slamming just for him. I could be his ghostly girlfriend, if you will.

2. Everyone at The William Oxley-Thompson Library at The Ohio State University. My alma mater. I adore this library, and if the beginning of Ghostbusters taught me anything, it’s that library ghosts are awesome! Also, I’d have a ton of space to haunt, and I might even get one of those nifty ghost nicknames like The Grey Lady or The Blue Librarian or something.

3. The Ghost Hunters/ TAPS. You know, from the TV show. I’d give them some serious evidence worth airing. Bet they’ve never had footage of a ghost doing a song and dance number for them!

4. Neil Gaiman. If I were a ghost, I would want my story told, and I’d want it told right. So, I’d haunt Neil Gaiman and hope that he found me inspirational enough to write about me and my ghostly adventures.

5. An arena or concert venue. Free concerts! Maybe I could even see Rush for the 5th time! Seriously, though, that would be a sweet haunting gig. I could get backstage without a pass and maybe even scare the band members after the show.

Luckily, I’m not a ghost. Yet. But it’s fun to entertain the possibility, isn’t it? If you could haunt anyone or any place, who or where would you haunt?

I’ve to say that I don’t think I’d like to be a ghost!  However, if I were one, I’d be seeking someone or more who could actually see & hear me for interraction purposes otherwise, how boring would it be?

You can find Jennifer at her website, blog, twitter, and facebook.

On The Book

When Erasmus Bramble finds the recently-deceased Angus Heyer rummaging through his kitchen cabinets, he knows he has a unique case on his hands.

As paranormal investigators in rural Ohio, Ras and his business partner Antony Yeats tackle ghostly problems on a daily basis, from poltergeist exterminations to troubled spirits just looking for a shoulder to cry on. Angus isn’t looking for ghost therapy. He needs Ras and Yeats to help him retrieve a pocket watch stolen from him after death, a pocket watch that is said to be cursed: The Beldam’s Eye.

The skeptical Ras and Yeats agree to take Angus’s case, but they soon find themselves in over their heads, facing murder, theft and perilous dark magic. Is it all just backwoods superstition or is the curse of The Beldam’s Eye grisly reality?

Seriously, I’m not sure what my expectation was of this book except to entertain me on my commute to & from work.  What I’ve got though was surprisingly funny with an unexpected ending.

I really like the combination of Erasmus Bramble (English) and Antony Yeats (American).  Not only for their accents but also, as they are very good friends, the ease of their friendship and relationship with each other which was very obvious with the way they relate to each other.  I also really liked the names!

The mystery was quite interesting though I thought the villain was just ridiculously funny (well, really, she’s a psycho).  Or is she the villain?

I also didn’t expect the ending whilst not shocking, it was surprising nonetheless.  I’m not quite sure if I liked that ending but I do like that there’s a bit of twist there that’s not at all improbable.


Jennifer is generously providing two $20 Amazon GCs and five copies of Thoroughly Modern Monsters, her short story collection to randomly drawn commenters during the tour. The grand prize to one randomly drawn commenter will be a $25 Amazon Gift card, a copy of These Hellish Happenings (her first novel) and a copy of Thoroughly Modern Monsters.  So don’t forget to check out all other stops & comment, here’s the schedule.

20 thoughts on “Blog Tour: The Beldam’s Eye – Guest Post + a Review

  1. Jennifer Rainey

    Thank you so much for having me on today and also for taking the time to review the book! 🙂 I’ll be online off and on throughout the day to respond to any comments/questions anyone might have.

    Thanks again!

    1. Tien Post author

      Thank you, Jennifer & Goddess Fish Promotions for letting me ride along the tour 😀
      & the opportunity to read & review.

  2. Mary Preston

    Neil Gaiman would certainly do justice to your story if you should be a ghost.

    This was fun to read through.


  3. momjane

    I had to really think about it. If I were a ghost, I think I would like to haunt a castle in scotland. I wouldn’t want to haunt anyone I knew, I would rather frighten strangers.

    1. Tien Post author

      LOL – what a riot, a castle in Scotland!
      Of course, I love ghost-romance novels especially in Scotland highlands 😉
      Thanks for stopping by, momjane.

  4. Shannon

    I love the “on the author”. It sounds like you’ve lead an interesting life 😉 lol

  5. Trix

    I’ve never thought about that before! Assuming the NHL lockout ends before my eventual demise someday (grr), I’d probably haunt HP Pavilion and try to help my beloved Sharks somehow. Though an afterlife of free concerts sounds pretty fab, too!


    1. Tien Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Christine.
      We do love any accents other than our own, don’t we? LOL
      Good Luck


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