One Lovely Blog Award

I’m such a newb that I don’t really know nor deserve any sort of award.  To be nominated for one is a huge surprise and a great start to the weekend 🙂

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

Ta, Elizabeth (@The Reading Itch)! I just love the name of your blog!  Wishing  you many many good books xo

  • 2. Tell the whole wide world 7 things about yourself.

a. I keep my TBRs in my linen cupboard so it’s hard for anyone else to see just how much it has grown 😉

b. I’m a hoarder 😦

c. Tell me what “weird” concoction you’d like to eat / drink, chances are I’d either have had it or will try it!

d. I learnt to drive manual from hubby and only cuz I really had to

e. English is not my first tounge.

f. I totally do judge a book by its covers and I refuse to be embarassed about it!

g. Wish I could dance!  Like really dance (like a professional) ;p

3.  Nominate 15 bloggers you feel have one of the best, most wonderful blogs on the entire interwebs.

I think some of them are award-free blogs so I’m just going to do a shout out to those blogs I’ve most regularly lurked in… I’m a pretty quiet & reserved type of person so I suit the Profession of a Lurker 😉

Read in a Single Sitting


Dee’s Book Blog

Book’d Out

The Dead Authors Club

Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

Novels on the Run

Giraffe Days


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