Review: Timeless Passion

Timeless Passion
Timeless Passion by Constance O’Day-Flannery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My Guilty Pleasures Read and it is a bit retro too 😉

You know that time of the month where you’re blue or cranky or both at the same time and just wanted to be left alone to drown in someone else’s misery / happiness? Yeah, it was the perfect read! Time-travel romance is a comfort read for me and if you value your life, you will not disturb me whilst I’m reading :p

I love the displacement in time, where a character finds him / herself out of time and had to figure out how to survive this new world. There is nearly always some sort of denial to begin with and that really annoys me (noting how many of them I’ve read, I think I’m entitled to be irritated even if it’s a different character each time) though if I were to be displaced in time, I would probably be in denial too!

Then, of course, the character displaced in time will come across the other half of the soul being time-crossed lovers.

Then, the courting will begin… this is the most fun part, of course.

Then, trouble comes a-courting… *ggrrr, sometimes, if people will just be reasonable enough to just sit down and talk / listen to each other, they’d be spared most of the grief! BUT, what’s a romance novel without some grief? And, truly, how many reasonable people do you know?*

Then, let the Pity Party Begin!

And then…

And then…

Let’s just say the ending is usually (let me stress, usually) a happy one – after all, what are we reading romance for if not for the happily ever after ending?

The beginning begs belief and one also wonders whether the hero, Ryan Barrington, is a man to trust. However, you do get to love him a bit later on… How could you say no to a self-made man with a Southern accent and compassionate to boot?! Even his name sounds totally masculine!

Brianne Quinlan is lonely – apart from her sister, she has no one. She’s been hurt from one bad relationship and wasn’t tempted ever to go there again. She’s thrown herself into work and nothing else really matters until one day, she found herself out of time…

This is a re-read for me, though I won’t remember it from just the cover / title but once I started reading it, I could remember most of the plot. Nevertheless, I was still fully absorbed by the story and read it through in one sitting.

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