Review: Daughter of the Dark

Daughter of the Dark
Daughter of the Dark by Louise Cusack
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Source: Provided by author for an honest review (Thanks, Louise Cusack & Momentum Books)

Daugther of the Dark is book 2 of Shadow Through Time trilogy.  I don’t think the below review will in anyway spoil book 1, Destiny of the Light, for you.  However, if you’ve not read Destiny then check out my review of Destiny.

The first and foremost thing which struck me about this book was the many alternate perspectives. It’s like when you’re watching a movie and the perspective changes at each chapter: Pagan in Magoria, Kathrene in Atheyre, Lae in Ennae, Breehan in Ennae, and so on and so forth. You’d think it’d be so very confusing but it’s not at all. With the author’s skilful handling, it was actually pretty smooth and continued pulling you through the story chapter after chapter. It’s one of those books you’d stayed up for to get onto the chapter of a certain character because you’d want to know what’s going to happen next! Of course, you’d end up a few hours’ short of sleep then…

With the continuous changes in perspective that means a lot of things happened to which the readers are witness to all. The weirdest part was the difference of the flow of time between worlds. Well, it really should be the weirdest part as people seem to grow older so very quickly but somehow, I’ve taken that for granted! Another skilful manipulations by the author, maybe?

I’ve truly enjoyed this book a lot more than the first, Destiny of the Light. This book was chock-a-block with things happening left, right, and centre. It is darker than Destiny and a lot more sensual (dark but not too explicit). I had to laugh though at the reference of a billabong having an evil spirit in it but… we are reading about evil here-

‘More! More bodies!’ Kraal bellowed and Kai of the Northmen could only nod in horror as he watched the physical manifestation of his God gorging on the bodies of their dead, his talons and scaled claws ripping flesh from bones, his serpentine belly swelling as his rapacious appetite fed on the people who worshipped him.

Does your heart lead you when you read? Mine does; it dictates what I want out of that book! Unfortunately, it got totally confused with this book. I really don’t know what it is I want and how I want the story to go (lol – that’s really the author’s privilege, isn’t it). My heart is tugged one way at one time and then another way next! I’m really looking forward to reading book 3 (Glimmer in the Maelstorm) to find out where it all ends. Would you like a book that keeps you on your toes? Here’s the one for you!

PS: This really hasn’t got too much to do with the story but I just love the description. The swing is my childhood favourite (in fact, I think I may take my little one to the playground tomorrow and commandeer the swing meself!). Oh, I do so adore ballet!

Sarah slid onto the seat and grasped the thick ropes in her palms. She pushed off, closing her eyes as she always did, working the rhythm, feet out on the upward swing and lean back, lean forward and tuck them in on the downward. Soon air was rushing past her ears and the world seemed to be gone. There was only Sarah. Flying up, falling back. Flying up, falling back.
She stopped pushing then and let herself glide with her head thrown back and toes pointed out in front of her like the ballerinas she’d adored as a child. Up, back. Up, back. And somehow amid that seductive rhythm…

Do Stop By Tomorrow for Louise agreed to an interview (she is also generously giving away a copy of Destiny of the Light)!!!

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3 thoughts on “Review: Daughter of the Dark

  1. novareylin

    This sounds really interesting! I haven’t read the first, I’ll have to enter that giveaway tomorrow 😀 Sounds like something I would get into!

    1. Tien Post author

      Yes, I definitely think this is something you’d enjoy, Nova 🙂 & Louise is just so lovely!

      Do drop by later on! xx

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