Review: The Reason

The Reason
The Reason by William Sirls
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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I’m of 2 minds about this book. I don’t read that many Christian fiction, I tend to read the Christian non-fiction and if I read any Christian fictions, I’d read those archaeological / thriller types where most instances you could discount as being ever real. This book challenged me in that whilst I’m sceptical about a certain character being seen as more than he seems, I want to believe… I want to believe that he’s there – that’s he’s here…

We follow a number of characters in this book in their journeys from unbelief to faith in God, from faithfulness to being ever strengthened in Him, from uncertainty to trust in everlasting hope. Readers are challenged along with the characters to ‘Only Believe’ and are given some of the foundations of Christianity: faith, grace, patience, forgiveness, etc.

To enjoy this book, you must believe that miracles are in the realm of possibility, that God may work in anyway He pleases and that usually means what you don’t expect. I was quite pleased with the ‘only believe’ concept to begin with but it was repeated over & over (almost like a mantra) that I started to find it a little annoying. However, I do admire the author for being where he is now, despite life’s harsh lessons, for he believes.

If you enjoy The Shack by W. Paul Young – you may enjoy this book.

With thanks to NetGalley & Thomas Nelson Publishers

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