Review: Ride for Rights

Ride for Rights
Ride for Rights by Tara Chevrestt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 reasons why:
It fits a reading challenge wonderfully (or so I thought it would’ve)
It’s a Freebie kindle
I do like the cover

The story is based loosely on Augusta & Adeline Van Buren. The 2 sisters rode across the United States from New York to California in their effort to assert women’s rights to serve their country and to vote. Strong women who had faith in their beliefs that women are just as capable as man and willing act radically to prove it.

The story is told primarily from Angeline’s perspective (the older sister) with inserts from her diary and newspaper’s articles. It opens when Angeline, late for a meeting, saw her brother coming home with a motorcycle which fascinated her. At the meeting, Angeline found herself impetuously proposing to prove that women are just as reliable as men to carry messages on motorcycles across the country. Despite the fact that neither she nor Adelaide knew how to ride; the impropriety of women travelling by without a chaperone, much less on motorcycles; and all sorts of danger that awaited them on this road trip, both Angeline & Adelaide are undaunted. They believe they can do this and they will prove it to all.

Their adventures were not without incident. The first most devastating was the loss of Adelaide’s pocket book which held her half of the trip’s funds. Scepticism followed them across the country and yet, they also came across a number of admirable women who believed in their cause and have been fighting their own battles. From a serious accident to a hilarious attempt of kidnapping, the sisters fought on until they reach their goal.

It was an easy entertaining and inspiring read. I was kept riveted with the story as my present situation in society is invested in these women’s “Ride for Rights”. A lightly told story with a firm note of vision including a wisp of romance in the air and some humorous event, it was definitely a read in one sitting.

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