Review: Destiny of the Light

Destiny of the Light (Shadow Through Time #1) by Louise Cusack

Source: Won giveaway – thanks to ARRA, Louise Cusack, and Momentum Books

Book Blurb

Ennae is a parallel world joined to our own world by the Sacred Pool, a portal that can only be opened by one with the Guardian blood running through their veins. It is through this watery gateway that Khatrene leaves her modern-day life behind forever, drawn into a quest that will take her into the depths of the unknown.Khatrene must fulfil her destiny as The Light, the woman whose child will unite the four elemental worlds. At each turn are real and imagined enemies who will do everything in their power to prevent her from fulfilling the prophecy, including the ethereal and erotic shadow woman, the enigmatic tattooed man, even her beloved brother Mihale.Talis, her appointed Guardian, must help her through the dangerous terrain of Ennae, sacrificing everything to ensure her safety in a land where magic prevails and nothing is as it seems.From an exciting new voice in Australian fantasy fiction comes the first book in the ‘Shadow Through Time’ trilogy. Beautifully crafted and written, Destiny of the Light combines intrigue, magic and horror to create a reality that is out of this world.

My Blurb (4 stars)

Fantasy is a staple for me, especially when it contains strong female character (preferably one who kicks ass either by sword or magic) in an alternate world.  Add a sprinkle of romance and I’m a happy camper.  It’s easy to see that this book is soooo for me.  I was so absorbed in this book world that I finished it within 24 hours, fitting in reads between errands.

Kathrene took the plunge, literally, into Ennae.  In Ennae, everything is in shades of brown (think Sepia) and there are no animals (which means no insects, *bonus!* but you’d have to walk everywhere L). My first thought was, why would you create a world where everything is brown?  How freaking boring!  This led me, of course, to be thankful for our colourful world 😉  After I got over my first thought, I truly began to invest my interest in Kathrene’s adventures in Ennae plus noting that the worlds are based on elements and Ennae’s Earth, it makes sense from everything to be in shades of brown.  The hardest thing was to imagine (in my head) remember that everything is brown in Ennae.  I keep finding myself being jarred by reminders (in the book) of the world I’m currently immersed in – whispers: it’s in sepia.  Usually, I’d find this annoying because it’s kind of repetitive and at times, condescending, but I’d really needed them this time; the reminders were paced just at the right moments.

Talis is a Guardian and he was the one to help Kathrene through between worlds.  When he saw her though, she has changed significantly but she looked very much like the Queen that there is no doubt of who she really is. Unfortunately, Kathrene has no memories of Ennae or of her childhood in Ennae but Talis felt safe to her and she placed her trust in him.  Together, they will traverse the dangerous world of Ennae where trees will prickle you when your emotions are too strong, where water is kind of thick (think: melted jelly or, if you’re not Aussie, melted jell-o), and where political intrigue’s so rife, nobody really knows who the true enemy is.

Kathrene is a resourceful woman – that is her most admirable trait for me.  She is beautiful, brave, and kind.  My only complaint is that she doesn’t wield a sword! See the cover? Yeah, I thought she wields a sword… 😦  Don’t worry, this is will not spoil your reading at all.  In fact, if you know this point, you’d probably enjoy better than I did.  I kept waiting for the moment that she’d take up the sword although I gradually had to accept the fact that her destiny is all that matters in this book.

Even though Ennae is a world in sepia, this is a very dark world filled with ‘magical’ creatures (that even now, I’m not sure whether they’re evil or not!), evil men (cannibals), some perverted desires… but, there is also love, kindness, faith, loyalty, etc.  It’s definitely not a world without hope.  The plot took me to unexpected places which I absolutely adored in a book and I bet you do too!  I loved being pulled up short of my expectations and taken to a different place.  It wasn’t just the once either!  That’s one of the reason I just kept reading through my son’s swimming lesson, my dog begging for food, my husband asking if I wanted dessert after dinner…  If you’re a strictly romance lover, this may not be the book for you but if you’re just like me (see above), then this could be the perfect book for you.

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