Read Along Pt 1: The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D

The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D by Nichole Bernier

I am participating in a read along hosted by Bree @1 Girl 2 Many Books & sponsored by Australia’s own Allen & Unwin.

This week we have read 136 pages of the book (approx 1/3).  Most of my below comments will be **spoilers GALORE** so watch out but I just want to say that I am truly enjoying this read.

**spoilers from this point**


I’m not going to summarise the story as, if you are reading this, it means you are reading the book along with us 😉  so I’m just going to dive straight in.

What astounded me most about this book is the slow reading.  I don’t mean it in a bad way at all.  I just found myself reading in such a slow and relaxing pace – that’s so not me!  I have to admit that my usual reads are made for fast reading (like a thriller / some fantasy) so I actually really felt the need to read this slowly.  I tried to read it slightly faster but my brain (as weird as this sounds) just won’t allow it.  Whatever Nichole Bernier did, she’s a genius!  This story was made to be read in relaxing environment; ideally rugged up on the sofa with a hot drink in your hands.  This image is sooo vivid in my mind but unfortunately, I do most of my reading on the commute to work but… it helps in winding down the day for me.

I do have a confession to make though.  Despite the fact that this book was not a thriller, I just didn’t like the tension between Kate & Chris – actually, I was dreading the ending, that… *clears throat* um, I took a peek at the end.  *GASP*, I don’t normally do this!!  But I just had to…  I didn’t read much of the ending (maybe a paragraph or two – real quick) but it’s enough to settle my nerves so I can continue the read in a better frame of mind.  The angst just wasn’t good for my working day ;p  I just want to clarify that I don’t do this on a regular basis (I think I can count these instances in one hand)

I haven’t kept any sort of journals since my early teen years.  I remembered finding those journals in my early 20s (due to moving houses) and shredding them *grimaced*.  The contents just weren’t pretty – do you remember your early teen years?  Yeah… I don’t supposed you’d like to remember that much either!  I also figured that I don’t really want people to know my inner feelings / thoughts – if I wanted them to, I would’ve told them.  Besides, with all these social media out there, how much of a secret could you have?  Apparently, a lot…  as we are discovering through this book.

I am very interested as to where this Kate’s & Elizabeth’s journeys will take me.  Kate may not be the easiest person to like at this moment but as with all these type of books, I am waiting for her moment of growth.  That moment of epiphany and decision to be the better person – I can’t wait 🙂  What touches me most about this book (aside from dealing with grief) is the relationship between parent & child (all of them, individually).  They each have something special with their child/ren and that’s really sweet.

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