Review: Persuasion

Persuasion by Brenda Joyce
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Blurb

Betrayal Tore Them Apart Amelia Greystone was deeply in love when the earl of St. Just abruptly ended his courtship and left Cornwall ten years earlier. So she is stunned when Simon returns, recently widowed. Now she must forget the past they shared and his betrayal and console him as any neighbor would. Simon has changed-he is dark and haunted now-but he can still make her reel with a single look. When he offers her the position of housekeeper, Amelia knows she must refuse. But for the sake of his children,she throws all caution to the wind…. Passion Will Reunite Them A British spy, Simon Grenville is now playing both sidesin a time of war, his goal to keep his sons safe. Yet when heis brought face-to-face with the woman he once loved, he realizes nothing about his feelings for Amelia has changed-if anything, they are even stronger. Still, Simon knows he must stay away from Amelia; his life is too dangerous now. But sometimes passion is too strong to be denied….

My Blurb

I’m feeling sad, at the moment, because I’ve finished reading this book! Seriously, it’s 393 pages but it really didn’t feel like it. I thought I was in a rut as I found myself reading one paranormal romance after another and I started this book (courtesy of Netgalley) without much expectation. The first 100 pages flew by and I had to force myself to put it down to go to sleep early this morning. I kept sneak-reading this book for the rest of today and I couldn’t believe I’ve finished it.

I don’t read very many historical romances, maybe about a dozen or so in a year (out of my 200+ reads) but I went through a Georgette Heyer phase plus I. JUST. LOVE. The Scarlet Pimpernel. What’s this book gotta do with Scarlet Pimpernel you ask, well, granted it does not have the masked hero but… what interest me from the book blurb was that Simon Grenville is a Spymaster in the time of the French Revolution. That little bit of similarity to Scarlet Pimpernel was enough to piqued my interest. Plus that dark & handsome brooding hero in need of salvation… *sigh*, my kind of man 😉

It was a very easy read, one thing after another happened and before you know it, you’ve read over 100 pages! Things slowed down a little but the romantic suspense was there pretty much ‘til right near the end. The ending is slightly disappointing. I am happy but it was just an average sort of ‘romance’ ending which was wrapped up pretty quickly.

I wish there was more action. Actually, I Want some Action. The only two exciting happenings were a near-abduction and a loaded gun being totted around. Aww, c’mon! Surely, surely, some sort of action-adventure could’ve been fitted in this book, he’s a Spymaster!

Still if you are looking for an easy fluffy engaging romantic fling, this book may just do it for you. The key is to NOT have too high an expectation 😉 I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and kinda sad that it’s over. “Next!”

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