Review: Denied

Denied by Kinley Baker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is set approximately 9 months after the first book, Ruined. Caleb, of the Varner, finally approached King Vale with the request to join the Shadow Shifters Kingdom. We met Caleb in the first book where he was revealed as a giant ‘alien’ warrior. He and his men escaped their world when their women and children were slain and hope for a new world where they may settle. Not only just to live but also to survive as a race. To find women who can bear their children. This is a weighty burden to Caleb and especially so, when he found just how their heritage clashed with the Shadow Shifter.

Tabitha was definitely what Caleb expected. She was definitely not what he was looking for but destiny has its own sense of humour. I love Tabitha!! I love it that she’s so strong, warm, and courageous. She is a Warrior and whilst the Kingdom does not have female Guards, she has always wanted to be one. She will be the first female Guard. This is her vision and it is not one she will ever surrender.

A combination of strong independent heroine and the most-possessive alpha male is just explosive. The question was never will they ever give their hearts to each other but whether they will be able to “be” together. The Varner’s heritage is definitely on the sweet side for me. Not the possessive side of things but the knowing of your destined life partner; that will just save us all some angst, won’t it?

I like reading about strong females fighting for their rights (does that make me a feminist?) but also, about acceptance of others. These are the 2 highlights for me. Admittedly, I originally read this book for its entertainment value but I can’t help thinking, are we, as a society, stuck on certain values that we are blind to new outlook to improve our lives as a whole?

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