Review: Ruined

Ruined by Kinley Baker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Valerian Francis, the second son, has done all he could to show he does not care to rule. He did not expect to rule but Fate thinks differently. The disappearance of King Zander and the doctrine of the Shadow Shifters dictated that a new King must be placed on the throne as it cannot stay empty for 45 days. Nevertheless, Vale is The Warrior and he knows that if he has to, he is able to lead his people. Despite all the challenges presented to him, he will prove himself to be a more than competent ruler of the Shadow Shifter.

Healer Jessalyn is a challenge. He cannot be in her presence too long and not lose control. When he wasn’t a King, she was untouchable as he wasn’t going to touch his brother’s women. Now that he’s King, she is out of reached. A union between a Warrior King and a Healer is forbidden by law. And yet, is this enough to stop him claiming her?

He was sunk, and he knew it. She somehow completed him. The inherent restlessness in his nature felt at peace for the first time with her near. But what could he do about his new emotions? If they’d been intimate, he would have blamed her sensual nature. They hadn’t, which meant these feelings resulted from her merely existing.

Jessa has never looked at any other man the same way she looked at Vale. For years, she has seen him, covertly, at the lake, whilst picking up herbs. She knows it is forbidden but she can’t help herself. She knows she will love only once so she needs to be careful of whom she gave her heart to. Whilst their coming together is not strictly forbidden, there is no future for them.

This is a sweet sparky magical romance which I thoroughly enjoyed. Coming from a fantasy reading background though, I wish there was more world building. There is promise here for something epic but for an easy and fun read, it’s done its job. If you love fantasy and like a bit of romance, but not too keen on the paranormal this one is for you.

Sometimes love doesn’t listen to the rules of propriety. And even the people who wield the most power can’t control it.

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