Anna Karenina Read Along Parts 7 & 8





A comparably shorter read this week with mostly pleasant things with a horrendous event sandwiched in between.  So, I don’t patricularly have much to say except that the Drama Queen Act cannot have a more fitting end.  Remember how / where she met Vronsky?  How ironic!  At the same time, it really reinforces just how vulnerable women were back then.  Anna was obviously stretched taut and broke apart.  Nevertheless, there was that undercurrent that all she really cares for is being adored for her beauty – what rot!  Even though, I just didn’t like Anna right from the beginning, I actually pitied her and felt awfully sorry for her lonesomeness.  She has had no support network and she really needed professional help; she obviously wasn’t able to cope being ostracized by society and clung ever more tighter to Vronsky.

It was pleasant to have good and happy things happening before and after the horrid event.  It was kinda funny for me with the way Levin was acting during the birth – thank goodness, childbirth is not such a taboo topic these days!  I’m not quite sure what to make of the ending though… Did Levin find God or did he not find God?  I don’t really understand and I don’t think he understood it that much either except that it made him that much happier & more content with life as it is.  Even though he first sought to be better in his relationship with others, he ended just accepting that he won’t be able to change – errr… What?  I don’t get it, did he or did he not find that spiritual faith?

There will be a final review on Anna Karenina in a couple of days’ time however I’d like to end this post by thanking Steph @Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting this read-along and all other participants for the rants & raves.  It’s the first one I’ve participated it and I’ve had sooo MUCH FUN!  I’m inspired to host me own read-along (scheduled to start in September).  I’m eye-ing that chunky and very dusty tome that’s been sitting on my shelf for *clears throat* *flushes* *mumbles* maybe nearly fifteen years…  Yes Yes *Shock* *Horror* but it’s so Big!  All will be revealed in due time and I hope to have some support then 😉  Sssshhh… they’re making a new adaptation for this too!

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