Chocolate Cheese

I mentioned yesterday that I’d do a short & sweet post on this idea behind chocolate & cheese…  I love my chocolate and through growing up in Asia, I loved three combinations:

1. Chocolate & Nuts

2. Chocolate & Banana

3. Chocolate & Cheese

You can buy all combinations in buns from the bread shop.  What I love most though is not in a bun but in Martabak (you would buy them from street vendors and the only thing I can compare it to is crumpets but thicker and more moist)








Hhhmmm, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Martabak but I just can’t make them myself :p  Thankfully, there are places you can get them from in Australia.  Not quite the same but good enough 😀

In addition, when  I was searching for above images, I found….  Choc & Cheese Brownies!  YUM-Oh!  With recipe!  Now, this is something I can attempt without botching it too badly, I think…  When I do and if it’s yummy, I’ll post a pic & English recipe for those who dares 😉

But for now, Goodnight!  Or rather… Good Morning (just past midnight).  Have a Fantabolous Weekend, everyone, with lots of yummy foods 😀


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