Author Interview: Nicola Moriarty

Earlier this month, I went to my first ever book launch to meet a local author, Nicola Moriarty, for her Debut work: Free-Falling.  Nicola has kindly agreed to an interview.  This is my first ever interview so whilst I’m very excited, I was also very anxious so I kept it pretty short & sweet and hopefully fun all around 😀  Without further ado, please welcome… *drum rolls* Nicola!

Warm-Up Quick Qs:

Tea or Coffee?   Peppermint tea at night and sometimes a quarter strength skim cappuccino in the afternoon!

Quarter strength?!?!  I’ve never heard of anyone having / ordering such a thing – I didn’t even think that’s possible.

Green cordial or Red Cordial?  Definitely green.

Am partial to the Red one myself – *humming* my dad picks the fruit that goes to…

Red Wine or White Wine?  Usually white wine, but a nice glass of red in the middle of winter, maybe with some dark chocolate is good too!

Hhmm… it has to be Lindt…

Vegemite or Nutella?  Vegemite.

NOOOOO… Nutella!

Cats or Dogs?  Dogs – cats make me sneeze.

Yay!  Maybe you can dog-sit for us 😀

How involved were you in the final presentation of the book (ie. title, cover, fonts, etc)?

My editor suggested the title Free Falling quite early on in the process and I loved it straightaway. As for the cover, I was sent a design that the team at Random House were really happy with, I was able to suggest some very minor changes, but overall I really like the cover they had come up with anyway, so it worked out really well.

The blurb mentions ‘ghostly signs’ – Do you believe in ghosts? What would you do when / if one appears to you?

I’m really not sure if I believe in ghosts – I’d like to though, because I think it would make the world quite interesting! If a ghost were to ever appear to me, I’d like to think I would be all cool and calm and easy going about it – but who knows really – maybe I’d freak out!

And what about sky diving, have you been? If so, did you like it? If not, Will you ever? Why / Why not?

I always meant to go skydiving, but it’s just one of those things I’ve never got around to doing. It’s still on my to-do list for one day though, I think it would be awesome, I love anything that gives you a rush!

Is there a particular incident or event in the book that’s, not only been inspired in real life, but actually happened to you? If so, which one (hopefully non-spoiler-ish) and how accurate is it in comparison to the real deal?

A lot of the events that transpire between Belinda and Andy are based on my own relationship with my husband, in particular, the scene when Belinda cut her own hair and Andy had to help her fix it!

At the Book Launch, you mentioned that the idea first came to you because your husband was late one day and you imagined all sorts of things which may have happened to him.  Firstly, can I just say that I’m glad I’m not the only one?  Secondly, have you, in your imaginative states, ever been driven into tears? Did anyone notice?

Yep, absolutely! I definitely get too carried away sometimes imagining what could be – I don’t think anyone’s ever noticed though, as it’s the kind of thing I do when I’m on my own and my mind is wandering. I found writing about it to actually be quite therapeutic though.

Hhhhmmmm… do you mean that if I write, I might not be such a dramatic queen all the time?  Although, hubby is now well-trained to call / sms if he’s going to be late.

I understand that you are in the editing stage of your 2nd novel and you’ve share a little on what it’s about at the Book Launch.  Could you please share with the readers on what the novel is about?  Would you give us a teaser (a randomly chosen paragraph)?  May I suggest page 97 (a random number that popped into my head just now)?

My new novel is called ‘Paper Chains’ and it’s due out early 2013. It’s about two Australian women who meet in London. Both of them are hiding secrets about their past and in trying to figure out what each of them are running from, they become good friends. Obviously lots more happens along the way, but I don’t want to give too much away just yet!

Here’s a small snippet – I couldn’t give you anything from page 97 as it gave too much away – but here is a paragraph from page 87 instead!

Hannah stared at the words, felt their sting. She was infected. Infected with blackness and mud and mould. She was rotting from the inside out and it was contaminating everything she touched. Slowly, she put the phone down, got up and walked to the window, then unclasped the latch and tugged at the stiff wooden frame until the window eventually slid clumsily upwards. She leaned out of the window and looked out over the rooftops of London. The sky was a purple and pink swirl of colours as the sun set off in the distance. It seemed like a different world up here, a world where she could lose herself, reinvent herself, absolve herself of what she had done. She imagined dancing across the rooftops like Mary Poppins. Imagined vanishing into the spires, the chimney tops, the blackness.

Wow, it’s sounding fantastic!  And what a lovely image (re: Mary Poppins)!

I have a proposition for you:

The other day, I read your guest post on Read in a Single Sitting that you love Maltesers & Popcorn eaten together.  I would recommend….

Be honest, what was your first reaction?  Would you give it a go?

(Instruction: Spread nutella on one side of white bread slice, place 1 kraft single on top, cover with another slice of white bread and toasted in sandwich presser until cheese slightly melted)

FYI, chocolate & cheese buns are standard fare where I grew up in a certain South East Asian country.  You could just walk into a bread shop and buy them.  I’ll do a short post tomorrow with some tasty pics for anyone who’s actually interested 😉

I will be going to Woolworths this Saturday to buy myself some popcorn & maltesers – watch for the tweet* LOL.

Okay, so honestly my first reaction was ‘cheese and chocolate – what?!’ – but after seeing your picture of you trying the maltesers and popcorn, I was inspired to have a go! Here’s some photos – I had one bite and then my almost 2 year old took the sandwich off me! It actually wasn’t too bad though 🙂








*I was going to tweet it but then I realised Nicola was not on Twitter so, I posted it on her FB page…


















Thank you so much, Nicola, for your time and for taking up the challenge!  It means the world to me 😀

Am trying to wait patiently for your next book to be released!

You can find Nicola Moriarty at the following links:

Author Website

Facebook Author Page


And… she is now on… Twitter!!


8 thoughts on “Author Interview: Nicola Moriarty

  1. KateB

    This interview was so much fun to read! Not sure if I’m disgusted or mentally writing malteasers, popcorn, nutella and kraft singles on my shopping list.

    1. Tien Post author

      Thanks, Kate 😀
      LOL – I think ‘disgusted’ is pretty much everyone’s first reaction! You should see my colleagues’ faces when they first saw me eating it. Although, I was pregnant at the time so they kinda made that excuse for me. Mind you, I’d eat cheese & choc anytime :p

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  3. Stephanie @ Read in a Single Sitting

    What a fun interview!

    You know, I’d definitely give the cheese and chocolate thing a go. I’m a big fan of umami-type foods, so I don’t balk at mixing sweet and salty at all! Apparently Vegemite popcorn is something to try, although I haven’t quite gone there yet.

    Of course, I do draw the line at peanut butter and Vegemite, which my Grandad adores…

    1. Tien Post author

      Thanks, Steph. That means a lot to me, coming from you 🙂

      I hope you do try & like it! P/b & V – interesting! A work colleague had corn and vegemite (*eugh* she was definitely pregnant). Hubby recommended banana and… wait for it… cheese (laughing cow brand only)!

  4. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    Great interview, I am looking forward to Paper Chains!
    I’m afraid the chocolate and cheese idea makes me feel a bit ill, my daughter used to eat peanut butter and cheese when she was young though. And vegemite is way better than nutella!

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