Review: Pride and Pyramids

Pride and Pyramids
Pride and Pyramids by Amanda Grange
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pride & Pyramids is light-hearted read with a splash of history, a pinch of mystery and a hint of the supernatural. To truly enjoy it, you will need to have an appreciation of all things Pride & Prejudice and a fascination of Egypt (especially ancient Egypt). There were many references to P&P and without this insight to P&P, you will more likely be confused. It is definitely a book for fans of P&P.

This book is mainly focused on the Darcys as a family and also as a couple. Jane & Bingley, Lydia & Wickham, and a number of others were minor characters whilst some others did not even make an appearance. As the title suggests, the Darcys went on an adventure to Egypt. This is once in a lifetime adventure with camels, pyramids, history, spirits, superstitions, and lots of sand. Reading about how the Darcys travelled to Egypt and what they saw & did, however, made me wish I was with them! The Darcys definitely knew how to travel!

There were many eye-rolling moments for me as I read about Mrs Bennet (eye-roll = *snorts* she doesn’t change at all). Amanda Grange has used her well as a comic foil with her characteristics even more exaggerated as we read her interaction with her grandchildren…

Luckily, Laurence hit upon a better topic by saying there were not carriages in Egypt, and they would all have to ride on camels. Mrs Bennet said he must take care that the camel did not bit him, to which Laurence replied that the camel must take care that he did not bit it. Mrs Bennet said he wouldn’t, Laurence said he would, and the argument entertained the pair of them until the housekeeper mercifully arrive and showed Mrs Bennet and the Lucases to their rooms.

Elizabeth, in the middle of her laughter, said it was no one. It did not seem the right time to enlighten Mrs Bennet; indeed, she thought the time would never come, and Mrs Bennet soon ceased to enquire. There were far more interesting things to do, such as eating dates and arguing with Laurence about the likelihood of him being allowed to keep a crocodile in the lake at Pemberley.

Other P&P characters do not appear to change overly much either. Whilst some matured but kept their distinct personalities, others grew worst with no intention to change for the better. So it felt comfortable reading characters you know well even though, purportedly, 15 years has lapsed since P&P.

Do you like romance? I don’t mean classical romance like P&P, nor ‘hot & steamy’ romance but… sweet romance. I love P&P and have been known to indulge in some hot & steamy 😉 I’m a romantic at heart but there is a limit to “sweetness” that I can take. At times, it just felt a little too much… a little overly sweet.

Darcy placed his hand over Elizabeth’s arm and she looked up at him, wondering how she had been so lucky as to find herself here in this magical place with the man who had made her whole life magical. True, he could be infuriating at times and their life together had not been without its arguments, but she knew she could never have married anyone else. He had brightened every day with his presence and he still, after all these years, managed to excite and surprise her, as he was doing now by taking her on a midnight walk across the desert.

“Well?” he asked softly. “Was it worth it?”
“Oh, yes,” she nodded, glancing at him before looking back at the wondrous view. “A thousand times yes. We will remember this for the rest of our lives.”
He put his arm around her waist and she turned to face him, and they kissed in the early morning sunlight as if it was the first time.

Nevertheless, it was fun, it was light, a perfect beach read (if only it was summer here Down Under).

Thanks to Sourcebooks and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this galley

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2 thoughts on “Review: Pride and Pyramids

    1. Tien Post author

      I don’t think so, Heav. However, Amanda Grange has written quite a number of spin-offs of Jane Austen’s novels. Do you like reading this type of books? Here’s a link to her profile on GR and you can check out her other books:

      I read a while ago and really like Pamela Aidan’s series: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman (3 books)


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