Wacky Wednesday

Did I really naively believe that July will be a quieter month?  Uhh… yea, I did, D’OH!  It’s totally NOT working out for me :p  Let’s not fool ourselves though, it might be crazy but I’m pretty sure to be having a blast!

Speaking of having a blast, I have just attended my first ever Book Launch event at a local library,  supporting a local author, Yay Nicola Moriarty!


 Did you know that ‘Free-Falling’ wasn’t the original title?  Nicola also revealed that her second book is in its editing stage and gave us a bit of a spiel on what it’s about.

I’m happy to say that Nicola has agreed to an interview with little old me so keep an eye out, maybe she’d tell us a little bit more about her second novel… 😉  Maybeeee….

On another note, I’ve also met, at the same event, a GoodReads-er who lives a few blocks away from me!  She saw note in a GR group (I think that could’ve been my note) about the above event and decided to come along, what a small world!

Let’s have a look-see what I’ve got myself into this month!

*MS Read-A-Thon – It’s for a worthy cause so I’m really hoping we’ll make our goals!  Help us out by spreading the word, pretty please 🙂

*Random Reads @I’m Loving Books – again I’ve committed to 2 books even though I failed last month :p

*Page Count Contest @Reading Angel **NEW**

*Anna Karenina Read Along @Five Alarm Book Reviews – I’m pleased to say that I’m 14% through on the 4th day of the month and am actually enjoying it!

*Once Upon a Read-a-Thon @Candace’s Book Blog (start: 9th)

*I’ve also got to read about 3 books in the upcoming August blog tours!

And… another **NEW** which I hope will help me be up to date with my NetGalley reviews

*NetGalley Knock Down @Pretty Deadly Review – I’m going to commit to read the following galleys this month:


And you know what’s been playing in my head all day? Since I’m a bit wacky, it fits the bill LOL

3 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. mercadeo

    This book is a hidden gem 🙂 It explores the immediate aftermath of death in a warm and up lifting manner. The story is told through two view points, the fiancee (Belinda) and the mother’s (Evelyn). Both women deal very differently with Andy’s death but it is very clear that is what they need to do to cope with the sudden tragedy. Belinda believes that Andy is still around and that was part of the appeal for me. Without giving anything away,it was played out in a mature way with a hint of the afterlife at the end. The most intriguing aspect of the novel is how Andy dies. Slowly but deliberately, Nicola leaves a trail of clues. The reader can discover for themsleves the cause of death as well as the connections between the characters. It isn’t sensationalist in any way but heartbreaking as it’s so true to life. I hope this first time Aussie author makes a big impact on the reading scene! So I recommend this book for anyone whose looking for a positive read with twists and turns to keep you hooked throughout the night! Fans of Ghost Whisperer take note too!

  2. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    How great! Nicola guest posted on my blog earlier this year – in a few weeks I will be meeting her sister (Liane Moriarty) when she visits our library and I have Jaclyn’s new book (the other sister) on my TBR pile!

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