Sunday Shorts

**Phew**  I’m just glad the EOFY 2011-2012 is over!!  If you work / have worked / know someone who works in the insurance industry, you’d know that 30 June -ish would be just frantic!  It’s been a hectic week plus a big-ish weekend (2 nights out!  I haven’t done that in a while, LOL).  This, in turn, meant that I have yet to finish anything!  I’m hoping for a quieter week so I can do MORE catch-up however as the Anna Karenina Read-Along is officially started today, that’s probably unlikely :p

Well, I did finish one on Thursday afternoon (before all hell broke loose!) and have only got time to write a quick review now…

Acorna: The Unicorn Girl by Anne McCaffrey & Margaret Ball

The opening of the book reminds me of the opening of Superman – you know when baby Superman is being sent away for his survival.  That’s how it was with Acorna…  She, however, was found floating in space in her pea pod by 3 miners who, in turn, became attached to her.  The story then continues with these 3 miners protecting her from those who would take advantage of her to Acorna saving children from slave labours.  As Acorna grew up really fast (I mean really really fast), it was slightly disconcerting and so, I feel like I’m reading as fast forward version of the book or something…  On the other hand, the story was fast-paced and the intrigues never ceased so it was definitely and interesting read.  This is one for the sci-fi x fantasy readers out there; it’s a mix of space travels & mythology (of sort).

Rating: 3.5/5


I hope everybody’s enjoyed their weekend – here’s hoping for a productive reading / review week 😀


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