Review: The Last Great Wizard of Yden

The Last Great Wizard of Yden by S.G. Rogers

Goodreads Synopsis:

For his sixteenth birthday, all Jon wanted were the keys to the family car. Instead, he got a lousy magic ring…

Artistic prodigy Jon Hansen yearns to fit in, but when he stumbles onto a supernatural kidnapping, his life changes forever. Unfortunately, his search for answers uncovers a magical secret—one that makes Jon a danger to everyone around him.

The Wolf Clan wizard Efysian has been draining the magic from Yden. On a quest for eternal power, he’s willing to kill to feed his addiction. To harness the ultimate source of energy, he travels to Earth. This time, however, he has a persistent witness to his crime.

Can Jon survive long enough to outwit the most evil wizard the magical world has ever known? Or will Efysian add the young wizard to his gruesome collection of trophies?

My Review:

Magic and Mystery collided right from the first sentence.  This book promises an adventure and what an adventure it was!
The book opens with Jon Hansen trying to explain what he saw / heard to a policeman of his father’s disappearance.  His story though was just too unbelievable to the police.  When he drew what he saw… it became utterly too much for the police.
The news of his father’s disappearance spread pretty quickly and Jon had to face all the kids at school calling him all sorts of names.  Where did his father actually go? If the police or any of the adults aren’t going do anything about it, then it’s up to him alone.

Assisted by his wily sister, Sela, Jon started to investigate his father’s past. What he found, though, was just too unreal until… the day he arrived at Yden. He was obviously an outsider and had to work out how things work in Yden to be able to look for his father.

What he didn’t expect though was being followed back home.  By those who needed his help but also wanted to help him.  With help from unexpected quarters, Jon returned to Yden to defeat the wizard Efysian in order to save his father.
The beginning just grabbed your attention and I expected it to be fast paced but it slowed right down for the part that Jon was sort of just figuring things out.  Most of the time on Earth, I felt, was pretty slow but I love it in Yden.
I love the multicultural Yden.  I even like the evil Warlord!  The truly evil villain though was Efysian whose vision was to rule the world *shocking! LOL*.  The best bit of Yden, of course, was the dragons!!  I wish there were more of them in the book.

Jon’s power was totally cool!  And I really like the familial relationship of the Hansens (what a great family!). I have to say though that my favourite character is a minor, Fred Spencer.  I really like it that he’s not what he seems and that S.G. Rogers used him as the comic relief.

“Mmm,” Fred grunted.

Casey glanced over his shoulder to discover Fred’s eyes

were squeezed shut and he seemed a little green. “Are you afraid of

heights?” he asked.

“No,” Fred said. “I’m not afraid of anything.”

“Then what’s wrong?”


“You should open your eyes,” Casey said. “It’ll help.”

“If you don’t want barf down your back, leave me alone,”

Fred muttered.

Casey fell silent for a few moments.

“Look, Fred, a pepperoni pizza bush!” he exclaimed.

Fred’s eyes popped open and he looked around. “Where?”

He paused. “Gee, Casey, that was cruel.”

“Are you still carsick?”

“Er…no. Hey, you were right!”

Overall, a totally enjoyable ride err… I meant read.  It could have been totally epic but noting the intended audience, a great fun book for the young ‘uns 🙂 I mean c’mon, there are gorgeous dragons, cool magic, evil wizards, otherworldly creatures, friendships and funnies!

You may find S.G. Rogers @ Goodreads or her blog

Source: e-Copy received via Astraea Press Book Club for an honest review

Astraea Press Book Club will also be hosting a chat with S.G. Rogers at the end of this month (30 June 2012).

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