A Weekend Gambol

What better way than to start the weekend than coming home from work on a Friday evening **phew** to see a package waiting @ home…

Hhhmmm… YUMMY!!

Thanks Shona Husk and Shelleyrae @Book’d Out for the giveway!

Check out the book’s description at Goodreads: Kiss of the Goblin Prince.

I loved how one of the postcards (not show in the image cuz I just found them tucked into the book) has a brownie recipe!  DOUBLE Yummy!

I think I’ll be making these brownies and tucking into them whilst reading this book – soon!!

The highlight of today however was our trip to Supanova Pop Culture Expo (Sydney).  My legs are really tired now from walking all around the exhibition.  First thing I did was to make a beeline to the Penguin Books stall 😀

Where I scored a copy of Legend by Marie Lu (check out tomorrow’s code word here if you’re going to Supanova tomorrow).  I also bought Cinder by Marissa Meyer which in turn rewarded me with the Lego Mini Figure Ultimate Sticker Collection (I’ll be hiding this book til my little one  is older although hubby seems to be impressed with it).  What ever happened to my book buying ban this year?  Well, I’m considering this my late birthday present (it was last week, btw) so I’m entitled to these books! LOL

Thank goodness Dymocks stall was right behind Penguin Books where I bought Bitter Greens and met the lovely author, Kate Forsyth.  I’m sure I’d be totally “enthalled and enchanted”, Kate!


There were other authors present as well but I’ve exhausted my budget so I really couldn’t afford anymore purchases.  Nonetheless, it was pretty cool to see Garth Nix (as I enjoyed the Abhorsen series), Matthew Reilly, and Christopher Paolini.  The queues for Reilly and Paolini were just amazingly long so I just took a photo from a distance :p  Where was the queue for Kate Forsyth!?!?  C’mon, people, if you haven’t read her books, now is the time to start!  Check out her series at Goodreads, I’d start with The Witches of Eileanan – they were sooo good!


I’m very pleased with my Day’s Finds 🙂


Btw, is anyone going to Perth Supanova?  One of my favorite authors, Juliet Marillier, will be guest there (pending health commitment, of course).

8 thoughts on “A Weekend Gambol

  1. Shannon (Giraffe Days)

    Oh so envious!! It’d be so wonderful to go to such an expo – and meet Kate Forsyth!! Her new book isn’t even out here – looks like I’ll have to wait till I move back to Oz before I can read it. (I say that about a lot of great books/authors!) I never read the Witches series but I loved her Rhiannon’s Ride trilogy.

  2. Judith

    Sounds like you had a good time!

    Of course, you should always treat yourself to some books, when you get the chance! 🙂

    1. Tien Post author

      Thanks, Judith.

      I placed the books on my bedside table last night and all I could smell was that fragrant new book smell, hhhmmm… 😉

  3. mlatimerridley

    Juliet Marillier is going to be at it?? Her books are fantastic! You’re so lucky if she goes and you get to meet her! That Expo that you went to looks like so much fun, it looks like you had a great time!

    1. Tien Post author

      Um, I’m not actually going to the Perth one. I was wondering if anyone was going and if so, I might ask them for a favor LOL 😉

  4. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    I really wish i could have come but in the end it was too difficult to make arrangements – and expensive. Next year maybe!


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