Wacky Wednesday

Home Sweet Home!!

We are finally back home today after being away since Friday evening with the last couple of days being spent in Hunter Valley.  What was so amazing was the view right in front of our doorstep!

Suffice to say that I wasn’t doing that much reading but let’s talk about progress instead.  Am about 40% through of Doctor Zhivago, Moby-Dick, and The Pickwick Papers.  All chunkster and started at different times but I can only take so much of each one alternatively :p

I’ve also gone a bit nuts over at netgalley and requested a number of titles, coming up for the next few weeks are:


I am also super excited about my first participation in a blog tour so watch this space!!  😀 😀 😀

Note: I took the Wombat photo (on top of page) this morning.  Isn’t he just gorgeous!?! “Let me out of here!!”  LOL

8 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. Judith

    Wow, beautiful pictures. How exciting to see a kangaroo with her baby. Or maybe that’s quite normal for you?

    Netgalley is too easy to get books from. I always have to restrain myself! I do prefer paper books anyway.

    1. Tien Post author

      Thanks, Judith. It’s not ‘normal’ per se. Although, I think I’ve seen a lot more kangaroos this year as my little one is 2 now and is very interested with animals so we’ve been taking him out to the zoo etc.

      I would love paper books but I’m really running out of room at home :p

    1. Tien Post author

      Thanks, Stephanie.

      I love all these retellings of classics. I want someone to do a good one on Persuasion (Austen) and North & South (Gaskell)!

  2. Alison

    I love the photos! That’s awesome you’re able to get even that close to them. The only wild animals I see are in the zoo.

    Congrats on the blog tour! That’s great.

  3. Octie

    Hey sis!!! Just found out that u’re doing blog too.

    Nice Photo of that chubby Wombat…

    Blog tour?? Hmmm… That sounds really interesting. Good luck 🙂


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