Random Reads (June 2012)

I love this idea of random chance cuz it’s just so hard to pick what to read next when your TBR is just huge!  I’ve added to many books on my to-read shelf on Goodreads, it’s really not funny. Everytime a book looks the slightest interesting to me, I will add it.  And since, I read pretty much across the genre, I’ve got stacks & stacks of books TO READ.

Thanks to i’m loving books for hosting this meme.  If you wish to participate, then go here.

Now, I’m going to try to go for 2 books.  One from my to-read shelf and another from whatever I’ve got this year.  Since I’m in Australia, some books are just not accessible to me immediately, so I’m going to have to fudge a bit to make sure that I get to read these random books.

To-read shelf:

1st draw: #352 – The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson (as predicted, NOT available in the library)

2nd draw: #300 – Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey is IT!




From my “got this year” pile:

#15 – The Bride Price by Tracey Jane Jackson






I’ve started The Bride Price (I just love time travel romance) but I’ll have yet to reserve Jasper Jones, I’ll have to do that after the long weekend.  Can’t wait!!

2 thoughts on “Random Reads (June 2012)

  1. KateB

    That’s a great meme. Usually I just pick whatever I last bought to read and forget about the other thousand of books that I have on my to-read list.

    1. Tien Post author

      Same here! Although I always have the good intention to include whatever I own in challenges, I usually ended fitting in something else than what I actually have so whatever is sitting on the shelf rarely gets off. I’m trying to be really good this year though coz I’m really not looking forward to having to move them all LOL


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