The Making of (+Giveaway): Beaded Bookmarks

I finally got some time to make these bookmarks!  Not as many as I would like but enough to share the love 😀

Thanks to Kate for her inspiration, she’s been making some funky bookmarks herself – check out her blog @whY.A.not?

Due to my lack of skill with the camera, these photos aren’t the best qualities but hopefully should suffice your curiosity as to how these were lovingly made!  Please note that you’d need to have the rudimentary basics in jewellery making should you wish to attempt in making these however I believe instructions are available online.

The Materials: my trusty tools (round nosed plier & flat nosed plier), pre-cut ribbons, selected beads, jump rings, wires, greek springs, etc






Step 1: Thread through one end of the ribbon through a greek spring (note there’s a part of the greek spring that’s stuck out, make sure that part is to the end side of the ribbon)








Step 2: Fold the ribbon and thread the end back into the greek spring so it forms a loop at the end.








Step 3: Using the flat nosed plier, flattened that part of the greek spring that was sticking out.  Make sure it’s real tight to hold the loop in place.








Step 4:  Using your imagination, string your beads & charms with a dash of creativity.

(This is for one end of the ribbon-ed bookmark)





Step 5:  Using a jump ring attach the beads to the ribbon through the loop of the ribbon.

(Squeeze those braincells for another combination of beads for the other end of the ribbon-ed bookmark and attach as per above)





The Fruit of My Labour

I myself think they are gorgeous (*patting myself on the back*) and you can see them in action at the top of this page.  So… I’m wanting to share the love…  Let me know you’re preferred one by showing me YOUR love (ie. comments) 🙂

I’m giving away 2 of the above and this is open for Everybody wherever you are.  Entry up to Sunday, 17th June 2012 (midnight).

Kate, if you’re interested, I’ll send you one as a gesture of my thanks 😉  Let me know.


15 thoughts on “The Making of (+Giveaway): Beaded Bookmarks

  1. KateB

    They’re beautiful, Tien! I’d be patting myself on the back too if I were you.

    I like them all but I think my favourite one is the one on the right. The colour scheme is right up my alley.

    I’m glad I was able to inspire you. 😛

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