Wacky Wednesday

So I broke down and downloaded the Kindle app for PC.  The Asian in me just could NOT say ‘no’ to free books even though I don’t actually when I’m going to read these books.

In the last month, I’ve downloaded about 30 ebooks and I’ve just loaded them onto my GR TBR and here they are…

In order of highest average rating (4+ stars only)

Best / Most Interesting Cover (a subjective opinion):



Note: I have linked each title / cover to Amazon. Some of them are still Free at time of this posting.

The Freebies don’t stop at just Amazon of course.  I’ve downloaded a few from Smashwords and from iBook.



How about you?  Can you resist a Free Book?  What’s the best Free Book you’ve had so far (not counting gifts / winnings)?

I’ve also been really excited about the cover release for Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff.  Jay has released the graphics for us fan-atics (PC / iPhone wallpaper).  As you can see, I’ve applied it to my iPhone 🙂  You can get yours here.

Coming Soon: The Making of the Beribboned Beaded Bookmark.


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