Review: Night Beach

Night Beach
Night Beach by Kirsty Eagar
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


This book got me hooked by page 2.


After the initial long description of the opening scene, I liked Abbie straight away from her encounter with the dog. What can I say, I luurrrvee dogs! Here’s my darling (sorry, can’t help myself)

Getting back to the book, even though I’m not a surfie, I love the beach and I can straightaway tell from the descriptions of the beach, the surf, etc, that Abbie is a fanatic. Yes, she surfs everyday (literally!). We were also told straightaway that Abbie is Arty farty. Everything has to be in pictures for her; a visual type of person. Hence, she excels in Visual Arts at school. I just love this combination of beach / surf and art. Okay, well, I just love the beach. Truly, Kirsty Eagar has a way to describe the beach that I want to go there right now.

All good things come in threes, right? Abbie’s addicted to the surf to forget. She loves art because that’s how she learns to understand. And… she’s absolutely nuts about Kane, just because… 😉

But of course when you’ve got it bad for somebody, you aren’t really sane. You’re a stalker and a groupie combined, and you do things even you don’t want to try and understand.

Would anyone else understand what I’m doing? I silently argue my case before an invisible jury. I’m saying, imagine there is someone you like so much that just thinking about them leaves you desperate and reckless. You crave them in a way that’s not rational, not right, and you’re becoming somebody you don’t recognise, and certainly don’t respect, but you don’t even care.

Yup, she’s completely crazy about Kane. But Kane returned from his trip with an extra baggage. Something dark and menacing and it wants… Abbie. **wwhoooo** [Trust me, this book isn’t scary. I was reading in the dark on my laptop and I am usually a scaredy cat – haven’t been able to read any Stephen King’s]

Not only does Abbie has to fight with an unknown entity, she is struggling with her own individual issues. Mostly, she just wants to feel like she belongs… in a family… somewhere… anywhere…

In normal families, unbroken families, the mother and the father are like two hands cupped together, and held by those hands are the children. In my family, the hands have pulled apart and the children have been dropped… You find out you don’t really belong anywhere.

I rate books with my heart and whilst my head said this book is worth the whole 5 stars, my heart complains of something missing. I just can’t tell you what it is as it’ll be a spoiler issue; maybe I’m just that shallow to want that extra bit but… can’t have everything in life. In any case, I read this book in 1 day (thanks to work interrupting). It was just that engrossing that I needed to read it and read it to the end pronto!

Night Beach is an absolutely completely totally captivating read.

Read it!

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6 thoughts on “Review: Night Beach

  1. Domestic Goddess in Training

    Oh my word! Your dog is adorable. We just looked into adopting a pug/ chihuahua mix and he ended up getting adopted before we could go finish the application process. I am a little sad.
    This book sounds interesting as well. I will have to keep a look out for it.

    1. Tien Post author

      Oh no, you get attached even when considering to adopt, don’t you?
      Good luck with the next one 🙂

      This book is a very good read, I hope you do get the change to read it.

  2. Stephanie @ Read in a Single Sitting

    I’m going to read that book purely because of that picture of your pug. I’ve always wanted one, but we live in a tiny flat, so we’ll have to hang in there a little longer. We’ve been donating to a pug shelter in the meantime, though. 🙂

    1. Tien Post author

      Ha ha ha, I think you would enjoy the book, nonetheless 🙂

      Good on you for donating, Stephanie. I hope you’ll get you have your ‘baby’ soon 🙂 They are just the most adorable & sociable dog!

    1. Tien Post author

      I want to but I can’t find them at my libraries (I checked 2 networks!) so it’ll have to wait until I have some funds to buy a copy, one day… 😦


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