Review: Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit
Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I love A Christmas Carol. A Tale of Two Cities really touched me and I adore it. I just could not appreciate Great Expectations and Little Dorrit nearly fell in this last category.

Little Dorrit is a child of the Marshalsea (prison for bankrupt debtors). She was literally born and live in the Marshalsea all her life. Her father is the prisoner and as she has no mother, she lives with her father in the Marshalsea but with the impunity of freedom to leave the compounds. She works in the outside world to earn a little income and returns to the Marshalsea in the evenings but she took care to reveal little of where she lives. In fact, she took care to take roundabout ways to return ‘home’.

Arthur Clennam returned to England after a long absence and met Little Dorrit in his mother’s sitting room. Something of her appeals to him that he followed her to find out who she really is…

None of the characters really appeal to me. All characters have something which just grated me. Except for the ending (I’m such a sop), I was prepared to dislike this book.

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