Review: Foucault’s Pendulum

Foucault's Pendulum
Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

So very slow and boring!

I have heard from a colleague that it was a very good book so maybe I’m just not intellectual enough to comprehend but seriously, it cannot be more boring! It actually nearly put me to sleep and not many books do that.

The beginning of the book opens with narrator, Casaubon, hiding away in the Conservatoire when they were about to close – so he could find something out after it’s closed. The premise here is almost like a thriller but then the rest of the book (save the last 70 pages or so) was spent on how and why he got there. And this part, unless you’re a big fan (and I mean Big Maniacal Fan) of Knights Templar conspiracy theory, you won’t care for.

I was hoping that the end of the book (last 70 pages or so) will be, at least, ‘thriller-like’ to make my time worth it. Blearrgh, I must really have too high an expectation of this book. Even with the ending, whilst implied, I was pretty much left hanging to make my own assumptions.

A completely frustrating book and not at all like The Name of the Rose!

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