Most Read Authors

Most Read Authors.

And here’s mine:

  author books read
1 147221 Takehiko Inoue 30
2 894427 Yoko Shoji 26
3 8588 Raymond E. Feist 23
3   Hisaya Nakajo 23
5 8732 David Eddings 20
6 8596 Tamora Pierce 19
7 1025097 Patricia Cornwell 18
8 3780 James Patterson 15
8 48067 Kerry Greenwood 15
10 50291 Robert Arthur 13

I was surprised to see the list because of the number of Japanese authors on them and that’s only because there are a lot of books in the manga series!  I’m actually not very good at remembering manga authors so I had to check who’s who:

Takehiko Inuoe: Slam Dunk (loved this series!)

Yoko Shoji: Pop Corn (loved  it in my teen years)

Hisaya Nakajo: Hanakimi (still loving it)

The rest of them I’m not surprised about: mostly fantasy and mystery/crime novelists whom I’m great fans of.  I was a little bit confused who Robert Arthur was but after checking, I realised I read pretty much most of the ‘Trio Detektif’ (in Bahasa Indonesia) way back when I was very young.  One of my favourite mystery series.


One thought on “Most Read Authors

  1. shelleyrae@ Book'd Out

    I’ve never read any Manga, just not my thing. My list is heavy on the mystery/crime authors as well, but other than that its quite a good mix. I think its proof of my series addiction though.

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d OUt


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