Badlands by Seleste deLaney


4 stars

Ever of the Badlands is Commander of the Queen’s Border Guard.  When the Queen was murdered during the attack on Badlands, Ever must abandon her fight to escape and bring back the heir to the throne.  She succeeded in flagging the Dark Hawk and was brought on board.

Captain Spencer Pierce needed to complete this run to the Badlands to enable him to pay off the Dark Hawk but this is now that he can’t land in Badlands to make his delivery, this is an unlikely event.  On top of that, Ever has requested his assistance in her mission albeit with a promised payment to enable him to pay off his debt but other things at play than just a rescue mission…

I didn’t have much expectation when I started reading – all I had was the publisher’s blurb which basically described the story.  However, once I started reading, I got right into it.  The world was a different place; it was tough and rough but also full of hope and promises.  It was a fast and easy read for me because I really enjoyed it.  I love the tension and the suspense; just electrifying.

I have to confess I have never been inclined to try sci-fi romance and whilst Badlands is more steampunk romance, it is my first and it has been a wonderful ride.  My only complaint?  It was too short!  “Please sir, I want some more.”  I truly hope there will be a next instalment or two… or three (!!) on this wonderfully created world.

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