Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

4.5 stars

The thing I love most in this book is the characters especially Midori and Reiko. The story opens with a man remembering his past especially in relation to a girl he once loved. It traced back to when he, Toru Watanabe, was in his late teens.

Toru Watanabe was a third wheel. He hangs out with his best friend, Kizuki, and his best friend’s girlfriend, Naoko. But really he and Naoko did not have much to say to each other. He feels that they are there because Kizuki was the glue in this triangle of relationship. Then Kizuki passed away…

Toru graduated from high school and went on to university in Tokyo. One day, by chance, he met Naoko and from here on, their relationship began. Unfortunately, this relationship is shadowed by the past and Naoko, one day, just disappeared…

During Naoko’s absence, Toru became acquainted with a girl from one of his classes, Midori Kobayashi. A very unique girl which makes an interesting relationship… but how will this one pan out?

Toru Watanabe is an admirable character. Well, he is not a saint but I think due to his age (and we do see him growing to maturity), he is quite an admirable character. He is strong, courageous (sometimes), and most of all, loyal. He has his flaws but they make him human.


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