The Road by Cormac McCarthy


I thought how boring could it be, when I first read the description, it’s only about a man and his son trudging along ‘The Road’ post-apocalyptic…  Err, nothing really happens and there ain’t really anybody else.  But how did such a book get such a fantastic reception from the world?

Well, I couldn’t be totally completely wrong, nothing really happened and there really isn’t anybody else out there BUT…  descriptions of the post-apocalyptic world and one’s feelings and of the relationship of father and son were just absolutely wonderful (well, I don’t know if ‘wonderful’ is the right word seeing as the world wasn’t wonderful in the book but I don’t know how else to describe it as it just sucked you right in!)

It was sooo very poignant. I have a little boy myself (he turned 1 only a few weeks ago) and this book really touched me.  All throught I kept asking myself, What would I do were I in his position?  Would I…  Wouldn’t I…?  What?  I guess these are the questions that will never (I hope!) be answered.

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