The Making of Julia Gillard by Jaqueline Kent


It was surprisingly very easy read.  This topic (politics) is not something I would regularly read but I picked this up for a reading challenge and am quite happy that I read and now has a little bit more understanding of politics.  Politics for me is really a concept so abstract that I just could not grasp.

This book shares with the reader of Julia Gillard (currently Prime Minister of Australia) and her past.  When the book was published, Julia Gillard was deputy Prime Minister to Kevin Rudd so it didn’t include the power struggle not long after that.

Julia was an immigrant herself.  She and her family came to Australia from Wales in search of a better life (which include warmer weather for Julia as she was a little bit sickly).  Her parents worked very hard to ensure their children’s future are given the best of opportunities.  The book continued on with her schooling, her student politics days, her legal professional days at Gordon & Slater, all the way to the day she became deputy Prime Minister.

There are a few issues on which the book itself did not delve into.  Some scandals which were previously attached to Julia on her journey to become who she is now.  Julia herself were previously ‘silent’ on these issues as they came up so I guess this continued to be her preference.  It doesn’t really bother me as I supposed, one does what one does at one time either due to stupidity / naivety / one’s beliefs at the time and one can / will change in time.  Besides I don’t think they were very big issues and Gillard did well in not dwelling on them so much so they do not blow up at all.

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