The Little Book by Selden Edwards


Wow… I was sucked right into the early 1900s Vienna – wonderful wonderful descriptions mixed with such complex relationships; loops within loops, twist after twist…

Wheeler Burden came into consciousness and found himself in Vienna in 1897.  As to how he came to Vienna in the first place, he doesn’t know but in 1897 to boot!  His world was San Fransisco in 1988 and whilst he is intimately acquainted with Vienna of 1897, his mind will not divulge what happened to him in SF of 1988 to transport him to where he is now.  But while he is here though, he is going to survive and if possible, the most of it.

During his time in Vienna, Wheeler got to know his paternal family, Sigmund Freud, fell in love, and even came across Adolf Hitler who was still an innocent 8 years old.








There are 2 things I had questions of:

1. What does Dilly know about himself / how does that come about to make him sure about Wheeler’s paternity?

2. Noting the regular ‘assignations’ between Wheeler and his love and the year (1897), errr, some may take this for granted but I don’t and I find it strange with the lack of “issue” (if you know what I mean)

If you know the answers, PM me!!!!! 🙂

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