The Good Parents by Joan London


I’m afraid that I just can’t do this book justice – there are just some things (ideals / moral codes / whatever you’d like to call it) that are ingrained in me and somehow, whilst listening to this audiobook, when they are crossed, I feel really annoyed.  I’m not usually like this.  Maybe this speaks louder than any other descriptions I could expound of the essence of the book.  I feel like Jason (who does not feature very much in the book but I wish he had) – a brethren (ie. living apart from the worldlies).

Maya was carried away in a current – she went away with her boss / lover when his wife just passed away due to cancer.  She told no one except her flat mate (via voicemail while her flatmate, Cecil, was overseas) that she’ll be away for a few days.  No one knows where she is but her parents were arriving to see her in a few days.

Jacob & Toni arrived in Melbourne and was astounded that Maya has disappeared. The story unfolds & weaves their web around Jacob & Toni.  The beginning of it all, as Toni believes, was the one night she met Si Fisher, her husband.

A very complex novel around relationships, emotions, humanities in our contemporary Aussie setting.

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