Shiver: Wolves of Mercy Falls #1 by Maggie Stiefvater


Grace was attacked by wolves just over 6 years ago however instead of living in fear of them, which would have been understandable noting her harrowing experience, she loves them and defends them from others who think they are just violent animals.  There is however one special wolf for her.

One day, the wolves attacked and killed a student from Grace’s school.  Mercy Falls was in uproar and went out to kill some wolves. Grace’s effort to stop them did not bear fruit but when she went home, she found a naked boy hurt at her back door. One look at his eyes, she knew… it’s her wolf, his name is Sam.

Who is he?  Can she save him and the others?  Why is she not like them despite her attack?

The story is told from 2 people’s perspectives: Grace and Sam which I liked hearing 2 different voices. It is in a way similar to Twilight in terms of supernatural / romance kind of way but that really where it ends.  I definitely like Grace much better than Bella; at least she doesn’t moon around as much as Bella.  The ending though I feel quite abrupt.  I was listening to the audio and when it just ended, I was a little bit confused and had to check by listening to the last track again.

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