Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare


I wonder if you could love the story but not enjoy the writing so much?  Well, I didn’t think the writing was that special on this one but I do love the story – I like the unfolding of the plot and I absolutely love how each character has his / her own ‘secretive’ past who makes them who they are now (this is the highlight for me).

Tessa Gray has arrived in England to live with her brother now that Aunt Harriet has passed away.  However, instead of being met by her brother, Nate, he has sent Mrs Black & Mrs Dark to meet her at the docks.  From here on, her life turned topsy turvy.  Nothing is what it seems, she is not who she thought she was, the world is no longer just ‘normal’.  A world of supernaturals is now opened to her.  Unfortunately, she was being introduced into this world by being held a prisoner and being taught to use a power she never thought exists much less hers!  Unknowingly she was being groomed to be the bride of the Magister.  Fortunately, she was saved… by an angel?

Who is this angel?  Who is she, really?  What is at play here?


Would love to hear your thoughts...

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