Addition by Toni Jordan


Grace Lisa Vandenburg loves numbers. From the number of letters in her name, the number of steps from home to the cafe, to the number of alfalfa sprouts in her salad sandwich. She treasures her cuisenaire rods (I had to google this) and a framed picture of Nikola Tesla, her hero, is on her bedside table.

The story begins when she met Seamus Joseph O’Reilly (also a 19 like Grace) at the grocery store. For the first time, numbers take the second slot after Seamus. In an effort to make this relationship work, she agrees to try therapy again but the last time she tried therapy, it was a disaster. Will it be better this time around? How will the drugs & therapy affect her and her life? Will she still be Grace Lisa Vandenburg at the end?

I loved the concept of meeting a super nice guy at the grocery shop by stealing a banana from his basket (though I don’t think this will work for me nor will I ever try it – if I was single, that is). Overall, this makes a humours light-hearted reading but with a darker secret behind it. I enjoyed this book – it makes a very good beach read.


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