2011 Aussie Author Challenge

I’m very excited!!  I have always always wanted to read more Aussie authors and here’s a challenge to fit the bill!

Here’s the link to the Challenge Homepage: www.bookloverbookreviews.com/p/2011-aussie-author-challenge.html

I’ll be doing the True Blue Challenge (Read & review 12 books by Australian authors with at least 9 different authors) – the bigger the better 🙂

Below is my proposed list for now:

  1. Trudi Canavan: Priestess of the White; Last of the Wilds; Voice of the Gods (Age of the Five trilogy)
  2. Belinda Alexandra: Wild Lavender
  3. Bryce Courtenay: The Power of One
  4. Traci Harding: Gene of Isis; The Dragon Queens; The Black Madonna (Mystique trilogy)
  5. Graham Reilly: Saigon Tea
  6. Helen Townsend: Above the Starry Frame
  7. Miles Franklin: Bring the Monkey
  8. Thomas Keneally: Schindler’s List (or Schindler’s Ark)
  9. Max Barry: Jennifer Government

Total: 9 authors / 13 books to read

1 thought on “2011 Aussie Author Challenge

  1. Booklover Book Reviews

    A very big welcome to the Aussie Author Challege Tien!

    You have some great books on that list there. I’ve been wanting to read Jennifer Government also, and I’m sure you’ll love The Power of One, it’s an old favourite of mine.


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