The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King (**1/2)

Trisha was getting fed up listening to her mum & brother arguing whilst walking on a ‘nature’ trail. She wanted to go to the toilet but she wasn’t able to get their attention. Figuring that as long as she’s careful, she’ll be okay, she went off the trail but… things didn’t quite work out the way it was supposed to. Something freaked her out and as she lost sight of the trail, she has lost all sense of direction.

The rest of the book follows Trisha (who is only 9) trying to find her way back into civilisation. It is amazing to see just how tenacious and determined she is to survive; to see just what one can do under strenuous circumstances. I’m not too sure if I can do the same if I find myself under the same circumstances but you just never know unless you are there.

The ending but a bit of a blur but it goes with the story. It just shows how important it is to educate not only yourself but your children, just in case…


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