The Host by Stephanie Meyer (4 stars)

The earth is no longer as we once knew it.  Whilst things do not look any different on the surface, many things have changed.  Earth has been invaded by alien life forms who call themselves Souls.  These Souls live inside humans, overtaking the human bodies as hosts.

This is the eighth planet for Wanderer.   She was implanted in the body of Melanie Stryder.  Wanderer was almost overwhelmed by all the sensations she felt from her body.  Not just physical, but emotional and the memories of Melanie was so strong.  Melanie was also strong.  She has survived as a human, fighting hard not to let her body be overtaken by any Soul.

Whilst Wanderer and Melanie struggled within, a Seeker was watching her, stalking her, and even harassing her.  Seekers are Souls with the job to find “un-occupied” humans and capture them.  Melanie was desperate to protect those she loves.  Driven by this Seeker’s unusual obnoxious attitude, Wanderer and Melanie formed a bond.  From here on, they will protect those they love with body & soul.

Does anybody who’s read this book noticed the Soul-Human hosts relationship like that of the Goa’uld- Human hosts (Stargate SG-1) relationship?  There are certainly some differences in the characters of the Goa’ulds & Souls but there is also a marked similarity in taking humans as hosts and those who comes to like humans for what they are.

I actually enjoyed the book though the beginning sounds truly strange but I was taken in by the story, told from the perspective of Wanderer, a Soul, an alien. I’ve taken a point off due to the similarity to Stargate SG-1.


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